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About Amy For Africa

The Amy For Africa mission was started in May 2013 by marathon runner Amy Compston and journalist Mark Maynard. It is a fundraiser for Christian-based schools in Uganda and its surrounding areas.

How you can help?

AFA is asking anyone who sees this to pray about what God may want them to give to aid children in Africa. You can feed and educate a child for a year with a donation of only $45.

AFA's outreach

Part of Amy For Africa's mission is to provide featured news, AFA team marathon results and personal profile, and other related topics and events surrounding the mission.

Amy For Africa

Tax deductible donations: Amy For Africa is a federally approved 501 3(c) organization. Complete the fields below to donate.

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Recent News


Carlisle church supporting AFA with youth 30-hour famine

CARLISLE, Ky. — Carlisle United Methodist Church’s youth will be participating in a 30-hour famine beginning Friday morning at 6 a.m. and running through noon Saturday. The...

AFA going through exciting changes

ASHLAND, Ky. – Amy For Africa is growing and going. The faith-based organization is operating a new school in Uganda with the help of pastor Cyprian Illukol, just outside the town...

AFA team working with conference, crusade

These are busy days for the five members of the Amy For Africa mission team this week with a weeklong conference and crusade in the works. It is a busy time but a most joyous one...