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Amy on a recent trip to Africa

AFA teams with Samaritan's Feet

Please consider donated to help put shoes on children in Africa
Friends and family run along with Amy during a marathon
Amy talks to a group during a service in Ashland, Ky.'s Central Park
Amy runs in a marathon

About Amy For Africa

The Amy For Africa mission was started in May 2013 by marathon runner Amy Compston and journalist Mark Maynard. It is a fundraising arm for UCE and a tool to share God's love.

What is UCE?

United Christian Expeditions (UCE), is a non-profit organization based in Ashland, Ky., that provides aid to areas in Africa including Uganda, Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo.

How you can help?

AFA is asking anyone who sees this to pray about what God may want them to give to aid children in Africa. You can feed and educate a child for a year with a donation of only $45.

AFA's outreach

Part of Amy For Africa's mission is to provide featured news, AFA team marathon results and personal profile, and other related topics and events surrounding the mission.



Hair-A-Thon ready for Friday

ASHLAND, Ky. – Ambiance Salon’s 24-hour Hair-A-Thon for Amy For Africa will be Friday. The salon will not charge for services, but a minimum $10 donation to Amy For Africa is suggested. Beautician Shannon Luther is hoping the event will raise about...

Radio host’s wife finds way to help AFA

ASHLAND, Ky. – Below is an email from Leigh Anne Roten, whose husband Tom interviewed Amy Compston and Mark Maynard on his radio show last Friday morning. Leigh Anne was listening to the program and was touched by the Amy For Africa mission and...

Salon having 24-hour hair-a-thon for AFA

By ADAM BLACK / The Independent ASHLAND When it comes to marathons, the first thing that might come to mind is a day of running or binge-watching a favorite TV show. But for Shannon Luther, it’s all about hair.  Luther, owner of Ambiance Salon at 3045 Winchester...

AFA has own form of March Madness

ASHLAND, Ky. – Amy For Africa has its own version of March Madness coming up. The nonprofit organization has 14 speaking engagements scheduled for the month of March, including Sunday services every week of the month. They will also be sponsoring a 5K on...

Civic clubs pitching in with AFA

ASHLAND, Ky. – Ashland Rotary Club is the latest civic club to donate to the Amy For Africa / Samaritan’s Shoe project. Rotary Club president Jay Whitlatch presented Amy Compston a check for $250 on Monday at the club’s weekly meeting. Several...

Schools, FCA groups involved with AFA shoe cause

ASHLAND, Ky. – On the coldest day on record, the Russell High School Fellowship of Christian Athletics (FCA) warmed the hearts of Amy For Africa on Feb. 20. The Russell FCA and the Russell High School baseball team gave AFA a donation of $853 for the...

What snowstorm? Amy braves elements in training

ASHLAND, Ky. – You want dedication? How about 20 miles in the freezing cold and snow? That was Amy Compston’s path on Monday when an all-day snowstorm, combined with sub-freezing temperatures, made for some tough sledding. But it didn’t stop this...

AFA has teamed with Samaritan's Feet | Donatesamaratinsfeet_121714

Get your copy of Grace Runner, by author Mark Maynard ...


In the words of the author ...

When the first six months of this Amy For Africa mission came to an end with Amy Compston finishing second in the Nashville 50-mile Ultra Marathon on November 2, 2013, it became a time of looking back on what was truly a spiritual journey.

I have been a Christian for 45 years and have always tried to talk the talk and walk the walk. I have served in church leadership roles, taught Sunday School, been the Sunday School director, served as chairman of the deacons, volunteered whenever asked, led the music in services and tried to encourage a brother or sister whenever they needed it. But never in my life of trying to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ had He taken me to this spiritual place. In all honesty, this was a spiritual high for me in every way.

The six months leading up to the Ultra Marathon was full of miracles. We watched lives being changed and we saw God working without us even asking. We saw him open wallets and purses when we went to speak in churches without ever mentioning an offering. We were being used by Almighty God in a powerful way and it was amazing.

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