Amy For Africa ministry is building on The Rock, Jesus Christ!

March: We hit water in the new WELL!!!! Praise GOD!!!!! Amy shares at the Ignite Women’s Conference in St. Louis Missouri!

January: The new AFA CHRISTIAN ACADEMY OPENS with 320 students!!! Praise GOD!!!

December: GOD provides over 2000 kids a Christmas gift through the AFA ministry. Praise GOD!!

October: AFA Christian Academy School van is purchased.

September: FINAL BILL PAID for the construction of the new AFA Christian Academy. AMAZING GOD!!!!

July: Team of 21 from New Life Fellowship Church in Russell KY comes over with over 5000 pairs of shoes. Through evangelistic outreaches we witness 250 souls accept JESUS as their LORD and Savior. GOD provides for School Van, a Motorcycle for Chris and Amy in Uganda and GOD provides Threads of HOPE with a new venue, machines and supplies. Praise GOD!

June: Uganda put back on lockdown. GOD provides over 20,000lbs of corn and 9,000lbs of beans to distribute to hundreds of suffering families. Praise GOD!

April: Brick Facing for the new AFA Christian Academy paid in full!! Praise GOD!

March: GOD provides a house for Chris, Amy and Jarek in Uganda.

February: GOD provides for all the floors for the new AFA Christian Academy.

January: Chris puts in resignation to KDMC in-order to go full time with AFA. Praise GOD!

December: First Mission Team goes over since COVID. Praise GOD! GOD provided for all the Plaster for the new AFA Christian Academy!

October: GOD provided for all the doors, windows and plumbing for the new AFA Christian Academy! Praise GOD! Uganda’s Borders open up and Amy gets to go for the first time since COVID.

September: Ceilings for the new AFA Christian Academy paid in full! Praise GOD!

August: Roof of the new AFA Christian Academy Paid in Full! Praise GOD!

July: GOD provided for the 3rd story walls to be paid in full!

May: GOD miraculously provides 40k for construction.

April: GOD provides food for a month for over 200 families through the AFA ministry.

March: COVID hits the world. Global lockdown put in place but Uganda’s President announces “Construction sites remain open!” Praise GOD!

February: 2nd Level Walls on the new AFA Christian Academy started going up.

October: Ground broken for AFA Christian Academy.

September: AFA purchases house that will be temporary home to the AFA Christian Academy.

August: Contract signed for phase 1 construction of the AFA Christian Academy.

August: AFA breaks ties with LifePoint Ministries and Pastor Cyprian Illukol.

August: Grace Runner book will be used as required reading in Christian education college class at Mount St. Joseph’s in Cincinnati.

July: AFA receives land title for academy and can begin construction.

June: Amy’s family – husband Chris, children Bailee, Elias and Jarek and niece Reagan Evans – joins her on summer mission visit to Uganda along with three others.

May: Amy’s 10-year-old niece, Kinslee Wesolowski, runs half marathon for the AFA feeding program and raises $2,400 – enough to provide weekly breakfast to children in ghetto area for six months of Saturdays.

May: AFA celebrates six years.

March: Jarek’s Journey children’s book is published.

March: Threads of Hope ministry begins in Uganda.

February: Purchased one more acre of land on farm.

December: Mission team visits for annual Christmas gift distribution and second graduation of El-Shaddai Primary School.

September: Closed on five-acre farm a few miles from where AFA Christian Academy will be located.

August: Sixth annual AFA Wiffleball Tournament has record 40 teams and $3,000 worth of donations.

August: Matt Fultz crashes 763 Wiffleball home runs and fundraises $3,500 in individual home run derby fest.

July: Richard Queen, a friend and church member at First Baptist Church Russell, writes devotional book and donates proceeds to AFA.

June: Closed on three-acre property where AFA Christian Academy will be located.

June: Vision for AFA Threads of Hope ministry is born.

June: Amy appears on Mike Huckabee Show in Nashville.

May: Saber Management donates $17,000 to pay for rest of land contract.

May: Jarek Compston runs the Indy Mini half marathon with his mother and helps raise $17,200 for property in Uganda.

March: The Lord supplies the funding for AFA to put down $20,000 for a down payment on a $75,000 piece of property where the future El-Shaddai school will be located.

February: Amy goes to Uganda to host a women’s conference and God clearly reveals to the AFA team that it is time to purchase property for the expansion of the school.

January: A discipleship class at the FCI Summit prison expands to 60 male inmates.

January: AFA applies for Non-Governmental Organization (non-profit status) in Uganda.

January: El-Shaddai’s growing student population reaches 74 and AFA hires another teacher, bringing the teaching staff to four.

December: AFA builds two more classrooms to prepare for the upcoming school year.

December: Team of 10 take mission trip to Njeru and hand out 3,000 pounds of Christmas gifts over five-day gift distribution and serve 4,000 meals while sharing the gospel with thousands.

November: Six-year-old Jarek Compston runs the Marshall Half Marathon and raises $11,500 as part of Jarek’s Journey to ship Christmas gifts to Uganda.

August: Amy is invited by the FCI Summit prison to begin weekly Bible study with male inmates.

August: AFA wiffleball brings in record 40 teams.

June: Amy spends month in Njeru, getting to know and learn more about the teachers and others in the village. Amy led a two-week discipline study with 150 new converts in the area.

May: AFA builds a third classroom at the growing El-Shaddai school.

March: Amy quits fulltime job as RN at King’s Daughters Medical Center to be fulltime missionary for AFA. LifePoint Church hosts evangelism crusade where the local witch doctor gave his life to Christ.

January: With excitement behind AFA’s partnership, El-Shaddai more than triples in size to 50 students.

January: AFA partners with Silent Whispers to provide a weekly Bible study and meal to nearly 400 street kids in the “Ghetto” area of Jinja.

January: Amy and Chris take small team for fact-finding mission to the village of Njeru and host the first-ever evangelistic crusade. Eighty-two came to know the Lord in this all-Muslim village.

December: God leads AFA to support 61 orphans in Karama Preparatory School in Ishaka.

October: FCI Summit prison partners with AFA for a second consecutive year to host a 5K to support missions.

September: AFA builds two kindergarten classrooms for El-Shaddai schools and two more teachers are hired.

August: A new partnership begins with Pastor Cyprian Illukol and El-Shaddai Nursery and Primary School in Njeru, Uganda. The school has 15 students.

July: The Lord leads AFA to break away from partnership with United Christian Expeditions.

June: Amy and Chris return from mission trip with bouts of malaria and spend time in hospital recovering.

May: A 22-member team goes to the Moyo district on a medical mission and treat more than 24,000 in the villages over two-week period. AFA team hosts crusade in Ishaka where more than 100 were saved.

April: Amy runs in her fourth consecutive Boston Marathon.

January:Lord leads AFA to plan a spring medical trip to Uganda.

December: AFA expands its ministry in Uganda by helping start two more Christian schools.

December: Benefit concert at First Baptist Church Russell brings in $10,000 donation.

November: Amy is recognized by Samaratin’s Feet as an International Woman of Influence at their annual Barefoot Gala.

October: Amy and Chris run the grueling three-day West Virginia Trilogy, a 94-mile endurance endeavor in the Allegany Mountains. It was 31 miles the first day, 50 the second and a half-marathon on the third day.

October: FCI Summit prison partners with AFA to host a 5K to support missions.

May: Twelve-member mission team goes to Moyo district and distributes 26,000 pairs of shoes over eight-day period.

April: Amy runs in her third consecutive Boston Marathon, recording her fastest time.

March:God provides $52,000 through donations – one month before it was needed – for taking Samaratin’s Feet shoes to Uganda.

December: AFA celebrates the start of two new Christian schools and a medical clinic in Moyo district through more generous donations.

December: Samaratin’s Feet proposes sending 26,000 pairs of shoes with AFA to Uganda in a $52,000 fundraiser.

September: Amy is recognized on the floor of the Kentucky Senate for AFA’s work.

August: AFA wiffleball tournament ramps up event with two fields under direction of tournament manager Sam Beason.

August: Amy makes her first trip to Uganda with United Christian Expeditions.

May: Amy and Chris embark on running a marathon a month for six months in branding and fundraising effort for AFA. 20,000 gospel tracts were passed out by the AFA team during these races.

April: Amy runs in her second consecutive Boston Marathon.

December: Through the fundraising effort, $43,000 was raised to support Christian education and spreading the gospel in Uganda.

November: Amy completes 50-mile race in Nashville and finishes second with family and friends watching.

September: Amy is recognized on the floor of the Kentucky House for AFA’s work.

August: AFA reaches goal of $20K, and double it again to $40K.

August: First wiffleball tournament at Unity Baptist Church is big success.

July: AFA reaches $10K goal in eight weeks and immediately double it to $20K.

June: AFA’s first church speaking engagement at First Baptist Church of Ashland.

June: First civic club meeting in Flatwoods where Amy spoke publicly for the first time about her history with drugs and alcohol.

May: AFA launches website, setting fundraising goal of raising $10K for two Christian schools in Moyo district of Uganda started by United Christian Expedictions.

April: Amy answers God’s call to run for missions.

April: Amy runs in her first Boston Marathon and she finishes 30 minutes before terrorist bombs detonate. She is not hurt and 22 family members are also spared.

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