Giving praise: First deadline for shoes easily met

When Amy speaks, she does so barefoot to put awareness on the Samaritan's Feet mission. Amy talks to students at a middle school wrestling tournament. Ashland Coach Bill Bradley was barefoot on his sideline. Boyd County cheerleaders joined in [...]

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Coaches going barefoot to support cause

Coach Bill Bradley of the Ashland Kittens. Pete Fraley, coach of Boyd County's girls basketball team.                                 SUMMIT - Bill Bradley and Pete Fraley, two of the [...]

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Amy on her trip to Moyo (VIDEO)

Amy Compston talks with Mark Maynard about her trip to Moyo, Uganda in August 2014. The Amy For Africa Team will be taking eight to Moyo in May 2015. [youtube height="300" width="600"][/youtube]

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Amy Compston: Feet on a Mission (DOCUMENTARY)

A 55-minute documentary on the Amy For Africa mission that tells Amy Compston's triumphant story from drug and alcohol addict to missionary for God through her organization that started in May 2013. Amy is an elite marathoner who has competed in four world marathons, including the [...]

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