NEW YORK ­– Chris Compston was 301st out of 7,424 finishers in the Dash to the Finish Line 5K at the New York City Marathon last weekend.

Ten runners representing Amy For Africa participated in the 5K a day before the NYC Marathon.

The race took runners through downtown New York City on a blustery cold morning that started out rainy. Runners began the trek in front of the United Nations Building and finished in Central Park at the same place where the marathoners would finish the following day.

Compston, whose wife Amy was among the top 10 percent in the NYC Marathon, ran a 21:01 in the 5K. His goal was to get it under 21 minutes.

“I was really mad at myself,” he said. “Two seconds.”

Chris has been a large part of the running part of the AFA mission in 2014. He ran in six marathons with his wife from May to October. His running season began with a 5K at the Boston Marathon in April and ended with the 5K at the NYC Marathon last weekend.

Compston’s times in the marathons were better with each run. He eventually came within 25 minutes of his marathon-running wife who is the namesake for the Amy For Africa mission that surpassed $92,000 in fundraising efforts on Monday.

Others who represented AFA in New York were: Mark and Beth Maynard (Beth’s first 5K!), Mike (Amy’s brother-in-law), Traci (Amy’s sister) and Drew Vazquez (Amy’s nephew), Amanda Wesolowski (Amy’s sister), Skylar Compston (Amy’s daughter), Danielle Wesolowski (Amy’s sister-in-law) and Marcus Wesolowski (Amy’s nephew).