ASHLAND, Ky. – When the Amy For Africa Christian Academy is operating, the students receive both a breakfast and meal during the school day thanks to generous supporters.

With the Ugandan government not allowing school to start up again until May because of concerns with COVID-19, the children are left without meals yet still need the nourishment it provides throughout the week.

Children at the AFA Christian Academy will be fed daily.

Because of that Amy For Africa will be providing a meal to the children Monday thru Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The school cook will be able to fix the simple meal and the staff will serve it and offer encouragement to the children, said AFA co-founder Amy Compston.

“This gives the staff an opportunity to still serve and minister,” she said. “This keeps the children well fed, social and at the school so the teachers can share the Word with them, sing with them and pray with them.”

The feeding program will give the staff confidence and a purpose and lets the families know their children are being loved, Compston said. “It creates an avenue for the gospel to continued to be poured in the kids’ hearts. We can’t be the ‘school’ but we can still be the church.”

The new AFA Christian Academy continues to be a miracle in the making with walls being plastered on the three-story school. Floors will be laid soon as the $561,000 structure nears completion.

Amy and her husband, Chris, will be going to Uganda soon to begin setting up housing and other plans for fulltime ministry. Chris recently accepted the call to go fulltime with AFA and the board unanimously agreed for him to join his wife as fulltime missionaries.

Meals will be provided for the children at the AFA Christian Academy.

“It’s an exciting time for the organization and for Chris and Amy to be available for more of what God is doing,” said AFA co-founder and president Mark Maynard. “This past year, even with COVID practically bringing the world to a standstill, has been one full of miracles for Amy For Africa and we are so thankful for how God has provided.

“Chris and Amy have always been fully devoted to God’s work in Uganda, so this isn’t that much of a change for them. This just allows Chris to be able to do so much more and to be able to devote all of his time to the ministry, which we believe is what God is asking. The ministry seems to be expanding daily.”

Pray for AFA as the organization walks through all that goes with that decision and for the feeding program that will begin soon.