Amy and Chris Compston

LOWELL, Mich. – It’s back to a trail marathon for the Amy For Africa marathon running duo.

Amy and Chris Compston will be competing Saturday in The Old Farts Running Club Marathon.

This will be the fifth consecutive month that Amy has run a marathon, starting with Boston in April. She has finished first, third and second in her last three races.

Meanwhile, her husband Chris has sliced time on ech of his marathon runs, breaking the 4-hour mark in the last two races.

The Old Farts Marathon will present some formidable challenges for both of them.

There are lots of hills on the course and a few of them are even named – ED, FRED and Little Chuck. The trail marathon also has a number of logs to jump, or crawl over or under, hills that require holding a rope to head down and the named hills that taunt you on the way up and a swamp – yes, a swamp – that runners hit twice on the full run.

The swamp puts runners knee deep in mud and the hills make it seem like the Old Fart’s Marathon never ends.

Runners don’t come here to improve on times – they come to survive and say they’ve finished this grueling trail marathon that is rated the toughest east of the Mississippi.

This will be the second trail marathon on the Amy For Africa “Do Something Tour” with the first one coming in the Gnawbone Marathon in Nashville, Ind., where Amy set the course record in just under 5 hours.

The course record for the Old Farts Marathon is 4 hours and 40 minutes so Amy may be in the running.