Jessica Maynard and her husband Eric.

Jessica Maynard and her husband Eric.

ASHLAND, Ky. – Jessica Maynard has many reasons why she’s found a passion for running.

Becoming healthier and being an example for her children are foremost among the reasons.

She is also putting her running talents to use as part of the Team Amy For Africa runners.

“The Lord saved me at the age of 16, and thought I have failed Him many times, he has continued to bless me and my family,” she said.

Maynard, who is a nurse in Ashland, is a member of Brush Creek Freewill Baptist Church where she teachers Wednesday night children’s church and assists with many other activities within the church.

Maynard ran her first 5K in 2013 and by mid-October had also run a 10K.

“The Lord showed me that with determination and through him I could do all things,” she said. “Running is a time where I can talk to The Lord, and take in the pure beauty of this world He created all while understanding that I have strength through Him.”

Maynard said running has been a way for her to keep a lifelong struggle with her weight in check. She wants to show her children that exercise should be a part of everyday life.

Maynard is the daughter of Mitchell and Pat Potter and was raised in Danleyton.

She is married to Eric, “the love of my life and best friend,” and they have two children, Ethan and Adrian.

She was drawn to Amy For Africa because of the mission’s “love for Jesus Christ. I want to help spread that love.”

Maynard is a nurse in Ashland and a faculty member of the Marshall University School of Nursing.