Jennifer Mault

Jennifer Mault

ASHLAND, Ky. – Jennifer Mault has been running since she became a teenager.

She’s good at it too, having been in three half-marathons and one full marathon during the past eight years when she started taking running seriously.

Mault is also serious about helping people, which is why she has chosen to run for Team Amy For Africa during the running season.

She can relate to Amy Compston, the co-founder of the organization in many ways.

Besides being a runner, Mault is also a mother of four, wife to Darren and a registered nurse. She works at Southern Ohio Medical Center with Amanda Wesolowski, Amy’s sister, at SOMC.

Mault is planning on running with Team AFA in the Chicago Marathon in October.

“That’s always been on my bucket list,” she said.

Mault said she became interested in learning more about AFA through Amy’s sister, one of the organization’s biggest supporters.

“Amanda asked me to get involved. I asked, ‘What can I do?’ She said, ‘You run. Why don’t you run for AFA and help get donations for the mission?’ I said, ‘OK, I’m in!’’’

It was that easy because Mault had watched the profound effect that AFA had on her co-worker.

“I’ve seen what AFA has done in Amanda’s life,” she said. “I can see the difference and what is being done to help other people. I believe in helping others. I feel we are blessed and should continue to pass the blessing along.”