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Not much new to report today as much of our time was spent on the bus traveling to Murcherson Falls Game Park.

We reached the Game Park in time to get on a boat for a three-hour tour – yes, a three-hour tour – but unlike Gilligan the African Queen got us back safely. Our float down the Nile River to Murcherson Falls allowed us to see some of God’s amazing creations in action. We saw elephants, crocodiles, exotic birds, and lots and lots of hippos.  The Murcherson Falls allows only about a 13-foot wide area of the Nile to pass through.

The boat ride was a relaxing trip after a demanding two weeks that has taken a lot out of us physically. On the bus ride today we shared much of what has happened and praised God for it. One of the pastors who had shoes delivered to his church told Kathy Whitely and Amy Blankenbeckley that our visit “opened so many doors for him.”

That was so good to hear because that was one of our objectives. We were going to be there two weeks and then we’d be gone. It was up to the pastors to do the followups and it was encouraging to see that was already happening.

We still feel so blessed by Samaritan’s Feet’s partnership with us that started last December. Who knew how far this was going to take us? There are many, many other villages who want us to bring shoes to them in the Moyo district of 1 million. The shoes carry the message of hope with them and it’s our wish that we can bring more to the Moyo area sometime in the future.

Whitney Saucedo, who joined our Amy For Africa mission team, works for Samaritan’s Feet and was impressed by how the shoe distribution was organized through United Christian Expedition leader Floyd Paris. This was a major distribution of shoes with at least 24,000 handed out with the leftovers on the way to other areas in Moyo. By the time you read this, we likely will have given out every shoe.

Whitney didn’t know any of us when we started the trip but we all drew close to her as the days passed. She was truly a blessing to have with us. She visited a friend in Aru and didn’t come to the Game Park with us but will meet up with us on Sunday afternoon.

When we arrived where we were staying, a baptism was planned in the swimming pool. Our bus driver, Aaron, came to know the Lord after much talking with Rob Barber and Jonathan VanHoose. Jon and his father, Rob, baptized Aaron in the pool. It was a beautiful picture and another great moment on this trip.

Tomorrow we go on a morning safari and then make our way toward Eden to begin the last leg of the journey – 20 hours of flying starting at 1:15 a.m. (local time) early Tuesday before arriving in Cincinnati at 7:40 p.m. (EST) that night.