Amy in front of the Nile River

Amy in front of the Nile River[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]PLACE_LINK_HERE[/youtube]

Day 2
The tough part is over. We have arrived in Moyo, making it on the last ferry ride across the Nile River for the day.
After crossing the Nile it was only about a 30-minute ride to our destination. Our Amy For Africa team started with a good breakfast and jammed into the air conditioned travel bus. The AC lasted about 90 minutes before blowing a fuse.
Those who have traveled to Africa know what AWA means – Africa Wins Again. We were reminded of AWA a few times. Our bus windshield was shattered when someone coming the other direction hit us (purposely we think) with what looked like a full bottle of water on the driver’s window. It hit thankfully near the bottom of the windshield. It reminded me of when a baseball embeds itself into the windshield only bigger.
The bus carrying most of our luggage had a belt break and finding a replacement is difficult. There are no Autozones in the area.
The other vehicle also broke down on the ride to Moyo, meaning 3 of 3 had problems.
Overall our 22-member team is doing well although tired from the 2-day journey. We were greeted with fried chicken and sliced potato chips. The women who fix the meals, clean the house and wash our clothes were there with hugs and well-wishes. Joyce picked up Amy and Dr. Maggie like rag dolls. She told me I had grown taller! (Bigger? Yes. Taller? Not since I was 15).
However, we were the only ones who made it to the compound. The others will catch the first ferry on Friday morning at 7.
But the mission trip carries on with Friday being the first of six free clinics where we will encounter thousands in need of medicine and, just as importantly, hope. We are bringing both with us.