Four words this traveling group has been waiting to hear since leaving Sunday morning came to fruition on Wednesday: We are in Moyo.

The Amy For Africa team took the 6-hour journey from Gulu to Moyo on Wednesday morning and were greeted warmly by the United Christian Expedition workers at Bro. Floyd Paris’s compound. They were waiting on us with open arms with Joyce having her women’s group ready to serve. We also met Gabriel, the right-hand man of Bro. Floyd and the man on the ground all the time in Moyo for UCE.

What a blessing Gabriel is to this organization. He is a 70-year-old man with a strong will and a champion’s heart. He was a four-time Ugandan Olympian in the hammer throw. Gabriel’s heart for Jesus Christ beats even stronger. It’s easy to understand his importance to UCE and this week to AFA.

Before we left Gulu we made a stop at a drugstore where we bought extra supplies for Dr. Maggie Lawentmann to administer in the next two weeks. In Gulu, you could buy whatever drug you needed with or without a prescription. The area is so poverty stricken that not many can purchase any medicine. The pharmacy was a hole-in-the-wall store near our hotel.

We also visited a grocery store in Gulu because there is no such thing in Moyo. The road was bumpy from the time we left until we arrived. The company was good and everybody remains in good spirits.

The women at the UCE house prepared us an incredibly good meal. Joyce teaches these young women how to cook and do household chores so they will have a skill. It’s such a good program. The girls practically fell over themselves when they saw Amy, who they served back in August. It was a nice reunion.

Our only event for the evening was a night visit with 22 pastors who will help us deliver the shoes. It was an interesting meeting with some of the pastors expressing concern over shoe brands and others with some denominational issues over washing the feet of the children. Bro. Floyd, however, was so in control of the meeting. He diplomatically let every pastor have his say and then explained to them in Biblical terms about everything that was right about the AFA/Samaritan’s Feet shoe distribution that starts Thursday.

It is so apparent why God has placed Bro. Floyd in this place and why AFA has been led to support his ministry. Floyd’s wisdom and Bible truths are such a blessing to these pastors, the majority of who are so excited about AFA’s arrival in the Moyo area. The ones who expressed concern seemed good after Floyd addressed their concerns in such a kind and wise way. He explained to them that we were only sharing God’s love. Rob VanHoose also spoke briefly with the pastors, telling them how there’s nothing more powerful than God’s love. Rob is so right and that’s all this team of 12 believers wants to do. I’m proud to stand by any one of them.

We have 26,316 pairs of shoes ready for delivery to these children, most who have never owned a pair in their lives and we can’t wait to share God with them. It’s going to be amazing. Just watch and see.