Amy Compston is flanked by LC5 Anyama Williams, left, and Gabriel Lazira.

Amy Compston is flanked by LC5 Anyama Williams, left, and Gabriel Lazira.

ITULA, Uganda – Anyama Williams, the new LC5 of the Moyo district in Uganda, marveled at what was happening in the village of Itula on Monday afternoon.

He came to see for himself about what this Amy For Africa team from America was doing in his district. He said it was the talk of the area and being broadcast over the radio on a daily basis.

New LC5 Anyama Williams and Amy Compston tour on Monday.

New LC5 Anyama Williams and Amy Compston tour on Monday.

People were excited, he said, upon learning free medical clinics were being offered and that this group called Amy For Africa was coming.

The LC5 is the equivalent to governor. He will be installed officially on Wednesday and he’s invited AFA and United Christian Expedition to attend. He walked around the grounds at Itula and watched the AFA team work.

Williams talked about building up the spiritual strength of the people there. “We want productive people,” he said.

Dr. Floyd Paris and LC5 Anyama Williams.

Dr. Floyd Paris and LC5 Anyama Williams.

“We want to continue to partner with Amy For Africa and the United Christian Expeditions in all the good things they are doing,” Williams said. “Whatever is good for our people is good for me. Amy For Africa has brought 22 people here from America and they are bringing our people free medicine.”

The UCE has long been a friend of the Ma’di people of Moyo. Dr. Floyd Paris and Gabriel Luzira, a three-time Ugandan Olympian, have made lasting connections with the government. Luzira is a former war hero as well and one of the most respected men in the country. He’s also an integral part of the UCE team in Uganda.


As we drive from place to place serving these villages they are waiting for our arrival with great anticipation. We get a jolt of energy from seeing the crowds gather around the bus door. Within seconds, Kylie Rice is holding a baby in her arms. She is a magnet for Ugandan babies and one of the Amy For Africa youth movement.

Meet the young ones: Tabby Loan (26 years old), Katie Miller (22), Kylie Rice (22), Kristen Hurn (24), Makayla McDonald (19) and Skylar Compston (16). That’s more than 25 percent of our 22-member team being 26 years or younger. How marvelous to have young people show such a strong interest in serving as missionaries.

The rest of us are between 31 and 62 with varying experiences as short-term missionaries.

Somehow, though, it has all meshed. The age differences almost seem to be more of a strength than a weakness. We feed off their energy and they feed off our, uh, wisdom. At least that’s what we tell them. I mean, we are pretty hip.

Everybody was going strong on the steamy Monday except Amy Compston, who suffered from some stomach discomfort enough that she took herself out of the action. Anybody who knows Amy knows that she’d have to be extremely sick to do that. She was a sick girl.

Dr. Maggie Lawentmann was having some stomach issues of her own a few hours later that knocked her out of commission.

Several of us had toured the Itula bonda church earlier and the temperature inside was about 10 degrees cooler. We ended up taking Amy and Maggie there where they rested on matts for a short time.

God provides again.

Two key members of the AFA team were down but adjustments were made by an adaptable group. The job got done.

We understand the plan that God has put before us and are determined to see it through to the finish. We will also face more obstacles.