028 IMG_8903 025 117 021 052 026 - Copy 048ASHLAND, Ky. – The Amy For Africa mission went to Boston with some goals in mind.

One was for safety for our runners – Amy Compston and John Davis – in the grueling and hilly Boston Marathon.

The other was for boldness as Team AFA took to the streets of Boston with gospel Chick tracts in hand.

Those prayers were answered.

Amy finished her second Boston Marathon in 3 hours and 39 minutes and with her health intact. Davis, who lives in Texas but is originally from the Huntington, W.Va., area, came across in 2 hours and 48 minutes. Neither runner achieved a PR during the Marathon but both went home healthy and happy.

Chris Compston, Amy’s husband, did run a PR in the Boston 5K and Amanda Evans, Amy’s sister, also completed the Boston 5K, surviving a slip near the finish line.

The boldness came to Team AFA and more than 1,500 tracts were handed out to young and old alike. Those who received the tracts and even some who refused them were kind to those who delivered. As the days went on, it became easier and easier for Team AFA to share God’s message through these powerful tracts that have made a profound impact in lives for years. The team was also able to share the Amy For Africa mission with several individuals who asked.

The goal for the Amy For Africa mission in 2014 is to hand out 10,000 tracts during seven more marathon stops for Amy and Chris, while also fund-raising for missions in Moyo, Uganda. While 2013 was a banner year with $51,000 raised, more donations are needed in the poverty-stricken area that still doesn’t have electricity or running water.

The generous donations from 2013 have made a difference with 42 medical clinics stocked with supplies, the only hospital in the area stocked with supplies and teacher’s salaries at the four Penne Paris Nursery Schools paid for the year. Also, about 500 more students have had their fees paid for the year, allowing them to attend school where they will also receive a meal each day – the only meal many will get that day. But none of that will last beyond 2014.

If you would like to learn more about Amy For Africa or have Amy speak at your church or organization, call Mark at (606) 571-1031.

Individuals can donate on this website, amyforafrica.com.