Tabitha Coyer works on a customer.

Tabitha Coyer works on a customer.

Shannon Luther, left, and others in Ambiance salon during the Hair-A-Thon.

Shannon Luther, left, and others in Ambiance salon during the Hair-A-Thon.

Working the Hair-A-Thon at Ambiance.

Working the Hair-A-Thon at Ambiance.

ASHLAND – Shannon Luther wanted to do something for the Amy For Africa / Samaritan’s Shoes mission effort.

She let her clippers do the work.

Luther, and other workers at the Ambiance Beauty Spa and Salon here, raised $5,000 in the 24-hour Hair-A-Thon – five times more than the original goal. They finished the day exhausted but filled with the spirit.

“It was such a great experience and God was in and over it all,” Shannon said. “The body of Christ is so important. He placed a very special body of believers together for this event that would not have happened if it weren’t for each one who was a part.”

Ambiance owner Tabitha Coyer was working every minute of the 24-hour shift.

“Tabitha being willing and so ready to be all in this crazy ride was who God used to organize and bring it all together,” Shannon said. “God did all the work. He brought everything to us, all the help, love, excitement, and support!”

The Ambiance front door was a revolving door as customers came in during all hours, even into the wee hours of the morning. Family members of the stylists brought in food from local businesses and other businesses donated door prizes.

It all made for an incredible day for the Amy For Africa mission. It also pushed AFA’s shoe total over the $52,000 mark needed.

“We are blown away by what these ladies were able to accomplish,” said Amy Compston, a co-founder of the AFA mission. “God will use your gifts if you will be obedient. These ladies were obedient and look at the results?”

Luther will be one of 11 from the AFA organization going to Moyo, Uganda from May 17-June 2.

“I wanted to be part of the fundraising,” she said. “That’s when we came up with the idea of the Hair-A-Thon.”

Compston said she’s looking forward to getting to know Luther better on the trip.

“I can already tell she is a worker for God,” she said.

Luther said the support of the community coming together to give to the cause was heartwarming.

“Our families were right behind us all the way,” she said. “A New Beginning Hair Studio and Spa and Sideburns jumped in and worked right along with us, giving us support, but it was all for God’s glory and just a prime example how our Lord works! God Is good!”