Amy Compston runs with a smile on her face in the Gnaw Bone Marathon.

Amy Compston runs with a smile on her face in the Gnaw Bone Marathon.

ASHLAND, Ky. – Amy Compston’s heart broke the very first time she saw photographs of children in Moyo, Uganda.

That was more than two years ago.

Her heart for the children of that area has continued to swell to the point where God directed her to raise missions for Moyo through her running abilities last year.

That came only a few days after she returned from the 2013 Boston Marathon.

The Amy For Africa mission was born about a month later with the idea of “helping those babies,” as Amy calls them, with a modest goal of raising $5,000. God showed the organization He was much bigger.

The organization is currently touching on $70,000 raised, has spoken to more than 40 churches, civic groups, recovery groups and schools where allowed. They also produced a 55-minute documentary and have written a book that will come out the first week of August.

God continues to bless a mission that was born out of Amy’s love of those children merely through photographs.

“It’s amazing how those pictures of those babies touched me,” she said. “It hit me hard. I had to help them.”

Next month, Amy will be able to witness in person her precious Moyo babies and what the Amy For Africa mission has been able to provide to that area. It will be Amy IN Africa.

United Christian Expeditions missionary Dr. Floyd Paris, his son Philip and Amy will be going to Moyo on Aug. 18. Amy and Philip are returning Aug. 31 and Team AFA is expected her to come back more fired-up than ever.

“If you think she’s excited now, just wait,” said AFA co-founder Mark Maynard. “Amy will be doing everything and anything to help those children and that area after she gets back. She will fall in love with them all over again only this time it will be even deeper because it will be in person.”

Amy has been overwhelmed with joy since learning that she was going to make the trip to Moyo. It came as quite the surprise. UCE is footing the bill for her plane ticket.

“God worked out all the details,” she said. “My work schedule, my speaking schedule, everything. I can’t believe this is happening. I’m so excited. This is not something I ever expected to happen. I  hope I can quit crying long enough to enjoy the experience.”

A question that’s often asked of Team Amy For Africa after speaking engagements has been “How you ever been to Africa?”

That answer will soon be yes, at least for Amy who will have a new chapter in her life to share with anybody who will listen.

Team AFA is considering making a trip to Moyo in May 2015 although nothing has been finalized.

Dr. Paris is remaining in the Moyo area at least through October. He has several short-term missionary trips scheduled for groups to help in the area.