Amy IN Africa: 5 days in, blessings keep mounting

Amy surrounded by children in Moyo. MOYO, Uganda – Amy Compston’s first five days in Africa have been busy and full of blessings. There have been way too many to count. The Amy behind the Amy For Africa movement has been overwhelmed with the [...]

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AFA runners conquer Old Farts Trail Marathon

Chris Compston was 13th at the Old Farts Marthon. Amy Compston was the first female finisher and fourth overall. Chris Coimpston finishes it off as wife Amy watches. Chris Compston and his 3-year-old son Jarek cross the finish line [...]

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Amy seventh in Runner’s World competition

Amy Compston runs with a smile on her face in the Gnaw Bone Marathon in Nashville, Ind., in May. ASHLAND, Ky. – Amy Compston is seventh in community voting for the Runner’s World cover contest with a week remaining. Compston, a co-founder of the [...]

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