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I am so excited to share with the community and my brothers at Federal Correction Institute (FCI) Summit FCI about the wonderful, great works God is doing and has done through Amy For Africa each month.
Many of us live day in and day out wondering, “Is God still working?” “Does God care?” or we live with barely acknowledging God on a daily basis. We may go to church but that one-on-one daily quiet time in God’s word is just not a priority.
I hope through this newsletter you can see GOD IS WORKING! HE CARES, and HE wants nothing more than to spend time with you today!
I spend every morning in alone time with God. That’s when HE speaks to me most. The last week of September, God spoke to me and gave me the idea to challenge my 5-year-old son, Jarek, to run for Bibles. He was already signed up for a 6.2 mile race so why not run for something? Jarek took the challenge — he was willing to try.
Through his willingness to try God enabled Jarek to raise 336 Bibles for the AFA team to distribute in Uganda in January.
God speaks and God will and wants to use anyone who is willing to try. … even a little boy!!Praise the Lord!
Mid-October my husband Chris and I got the privilege of running in the second annual FCI AFA 5k. This year 77 runners participated. It was amazing to run with those men but even more amazing was to join in a team huddle with them as they prayed over Chris, Mark and me. They prayed God would bless AFA and they prayed God would continue to use them in AFA.
God hears the prayers, even the prayers of a prisoner, because through the 5k efforts those men were able to raise enough money to sponsor 20 children. Because of these men and their willingness to help others, 20 children will go to school for a year in Uganda, receive a meal every day and learn about Jesus every day!! Praise the Lord!!!
Also at FCI, Mark and I were able to participate in the mentor program. We were allowed to sit with a dozen inmates and minister to them. We may have helped them but I know THEY HELPED US. Their testimonies and transformations after coming to know Jesus are incredible to see and experience.
The FCI has some of the world’s greatest preachers and missionaries inside those walls. Inmates leading inmates to Christ is happening daily. Lives are being transformed. God is working through those men. God will work through anyone who loves him and wants to be used for his glory.
I got to share my testimony at the Spanish service at FCI. An inmate translated for me. It was awesome! It reminded me of Africa when we speak and have a translator with us. These men played the keyboard, guitar, cymbals and tamborines as they praised the Lord! I love their excitement for JESUS!
God CARES about the lost in this world and God CARES about His children. From the youngest to the oldest, to the imprisoned or to the free, GOD CARES!! He is working all around the world at this moment trying to draw people to him. Pursuing a love relationship with those who don’t know him and with those who know him but have been slacking in their relationship with Jesus. He doesn’t just want people to know about him He wants people to KNOW him like a father and daughter, like a brother and sister. He wants a deep, personal relationship with you!
Love in Christ,