ASHLAND, Ky. – Amy For Africa will partner with Samaritan’s Feet in 2015 to put shoes on 26,000 feet in impoverished Moyo, Uganda next May.

samfeellogoSamaritan’s Feet founder Manny Ohnome and AFA co-founders Amy Compston and Mark Maynard and their spouses, Chris and Beth, met in November at the urging of an Ashland businessman Bernie Mason, who has a vested interest in both organizations.

“I thought it would be perfect,” Mason said.

It was. Ohnome, who is from Nigeria, told AFA’s board members his goal of putting 10 million shoes on children around the world, including the United States, through the well-established Samaritan’s Feet mission.

When he shared that he wanted that to include the children in the Penne Paris Schools and many others in Moyo – 26,000 in all – tears began streaming down Amy’s cheeks.

“It was a total God moment,” she said. “We all felt it. God was in that circle of people.”

The Amy For Africa donation page can viewed here.

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Samaritan’s Feet partnership

Samaritan’s Feet absorbs much of the cost, including paying customs and putting the shoes on the ground in Moyo for distribution. They have already begun the process of getting the shoes ready for shipping. AFA must raise $52,000 – only $2 for each pair of shoes – and organize getting the shoes distributed.

The fundraising must come quickly with AFA planning a mission trip to Moyo next May. Openings remain for anyone interested in going (the cost is approximately $1,500-2,000) on the 10-day trip.

Eighteen churches in the immediate Moyo area will also help with the distribution of the shoes and also provide them with a community outreach they couldn’t do on their own.

Not only will AFA members being handing out shoes but also washing the feet of those who receive them. They will also be able to share Jesus.

The third-most common diagnoses that the hospital in Moyo treats is parasitic worms, which are transmitted through contaminated soil the children have walked through barefoot.

These worms, left untreated, lead to unnecessary death for these children. The sad truth is, most cases will be left untreated because the parents who live on approximately $2 a day cannot afford the necessary medical treatment.

What only $2 can do

But for only $2 we can give these children a pair of shoes that covers their entire foot to prevent the transmission of the parasites in the first place. It’s an affordable and easily preventative treatment.

Moyo has a population of about 412,000 spread out over 695 square miles.

Some ways you can help …

If 1,000 of the 1,233 people who have liked Amy For Africa on Facebook committed to $10 a month in December, January, February, March and April we would have $50,000. Just $10 a month!! Of course, we know that probably won’t happen. But it never hurts to explore the possibility. Here are some other possibilities – maybe more realistic – to consider.


  • 100 give $100 a month ($25 a week) for five months = $50,000
  • 100 give $50 per month ($12.50 a week) for five months = $25,000
  • 100 give $25 per month ($6.25 a week) for five months = $12,500

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  • 40 gave $100 a month over five months = $20,000
  • 40 gave $50 a month for five months = $10,000
  • 40 gave $25 a month for five months = $5,000
  • 40 gave $15 a month for five months = $3,000

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  • 20 gave $100 a month over five months = $10,000
  • 20 gave $50 a month for five months = $5,000
  • 20 gave $25 a month for five months = $2,500
  • 20 gave $15 a month for five months = $3,000

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  • $500 = 250 shoes
  • $250 = 125 shoes
  • $125 = 63 shoes

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If 30 AFA supporters can convince 30 people to give $10 a month – or make a one-time tax-deductible $50 donation – that would be $45,000.


Anybody who feels led, of course. Even think small – classes at school, Sunday School classes, civic clubs, Fellowship of Christian Athlete groups, families, churches, businesses. It all adds up!

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