wiffle_4Bear alongside his step-father Chris

ASHLAND, Ky. – Amy For Africa team members Chris Compston and Amanda Wesolowski received official word on Monday that they are in the Chicago Marathon and will join Amy Compston in the race.

Amy qualified earlier with her time from last year’s Boston Marathon and her time in the Nashville 50-mile Ultra-Marathon.

New AFA team runner Jennifer Mault will also be running for the organization in Chicago.

Amy For Africa will have Amy and John Davis representing the organization in Boston on Monday. Davis, who grew up in the Huntington area, now lives near Dallas. He was instrumental in getting Amy involved in marathon running.

Davis will be running with the elite men in Boston. He is among the top 1,000 best times in the marathon that may have its biggest field ever following last year’s tragedy-marred race when two bombs exploded near the finish line.

Chris Compston, Amy’s husband, and Amanda, Amy’s sister, will be participating in the Boston 5K on Saturday.

Chris will start his marathon tour with his wife in May and culminate with the Chicago Marathon in October. The husband-wife team will combine for 14 marathons overall (six for Chris, eight for Amy) while also passing out 10,000 gospel tracts, along with the rest of the AFA team.

Also, more fundraising will be in store as Amy and Mark Maynard, her partner in the mission, share their testimonies.

A book about last year’s journey, “Grace Runner,” will come out in June.