ASHLAND, Ky. – The Amy For Africa mission reached another milestone on Sunday afternoon, surpassing a fundraising goal of $50,000.

The congregation at Franklin Furnace Independent Baptist Church gave the organization a $420 love offering on Sunday after listening to Amy Compston’s powerful testimony that pushed AFA over the top.

The total currently stands at $50,118.31 since the organization started on May 29, 2013 by Compston, a marathon runner, and newspaperman Mark Maynard. They initially set a goal of $10,000 but quickly learned that God was going to bless the mission. The goal was raised to $20,000, then $40,000 and finally $50,000.

“It has been amazing what God has done through this mission,” Maynard said. “We have sat back and watched Him work so marvelously and speak through Amy’s testimony so graciously. Both of our families have been changed forever by what’s transpired and what’s to come.”

Amy For Africa will be resetting its goal on May 29, 2014 to $45,000 and we hope our supporters will join us in reaching that for missions in Uganda and beyond.

A new book about last year’s experience called “Grace Runner” should be available by June with all proceeds going to Amy For Africa.

Meanwhile, in two weeks, Amy and her husband Chris Compston will start an eight-month journey that will include 14 marathons, eight states and handing out 10,000 gospel tracts. Amy will be running in three of the six world marathons – Boston, Chicago and New York City – and eight overall. Her husband will accompany her on six of the marathons.

Amy For Africa is calling it the “Do Something Tour,” urging other Christians to do something for Christ with their lives and learn how they can be blessed by doing what God has already gifted them to do.

“The best part is, He will use whatever you love to do for His glory,” Amy said. “Mark and I have both seen that happen. Don’t miss out on a blessing!”

Last year, Amy competed in the tragedy-marred Boston Marathon (finishing in the top 15 percent of female athletes) and also was second among women in the Nashville Ultra-Marathon 50-mile race last November.

While training for the 50-mile run by running more than 1,200 miles, she also shared her testimony of how, with God’s grace, she overcame 14 years of drug and alcohol abuse to literally thousands at civic clubs, high schools, colleges, elementary schools and churches.