MOYO, Uganda – Heavy rains and hailstorms flattened the first Penne Paris Nursery School at the Laropi Baptist Church on Monday, according to United Christian Expedition missionary Dr. Floyd Paris.

The school is one of four working Penne Paris schools that are supported by the Amy For Africa mission that was started in 2013.

The damaged school was the largest of the four Penne Paris Nursery Schools. Besides the structure, there was also the loss of many teaching materials, Paris said.

No one was injured in the collapse as rain water swept away the foundation. The plan is to rebuild the school as soon as possible, Paris said, but fixing the drainage will have to come first.

Funds raised through Amy For Africa in 2013 helped to sponsor 597 students in the schools for the 2014 year. It also paid for teacher salaries for 2014 for three schools, including the two Penne Paris Schools.

The mission also took on expenses for the Moyo Babies Home and its 78 children and supplied the medical needs for the nearly 600 students in the schools and the orphanage.

Chicken coups and fences were built for the orphanage so they can raise their own food. God’s love has been sweeping through the area through what has happened with Amy For Africa and for that we can only say thank you to the many who donated.

The impact in that area has been astounding with land being given to UCE by a local to build more schools.

Forty-two medical clinics and one hospital were stocked with supplies and the government also gave UCE permission to go into any hospital. The clinics see anywhere from 150 to 300 patients every day.

Because of the generous donations of the supporters of the Amy for Africa mission, the area of Moyo now has hope. God’s love has been shared and these young children are finding out about Jesus Christ. God has graciously allowed us to know of at least 74 who have come to know Him through the Amy for Africa mission.

To help rebuild the damaged Penne Paris Nursery School, go to our donation page.