The wonders of technology allow the supporters of Amy For Africa a rare glimpse into what God is doing in and through the life of Amy Compston and this extraordinary mission in Uganda.

You’ve looked into the eyes of the children that goes to the depths of their very soul, where hope is beginning to blossom in a place that was previously dark and hopeless. They are learning about a God who loves them as much as He does me or you. They are seeing that hope and love through an inspirational missionary who is showing them the way through a relationship that is born through the grace and power of Jesus Christ. You’ve seen that joy on their faces when Amy is around them.

You’ve also seen the living conditions, the scarcity of food on their plates, and the heartache that accompanies some of these real-life photos. We only catch a glimpse of it. Amy has held their hands, entered their homes and prayed with them. She also smiles with them, cares for them and loves on them in a way that represents what Jesus would do and what missionaries are compelled to do.

Seeing is believing. We see the photos, how a Christian school is rising up in a place that three years ago we never knew existed. God knew though. He knew all along. Hope has come. They understand now what that looks like, what it feels like, how the same God that invited Amy and AFA to this part of the world is inviting them into new life with Him.

Seeing is believing. The Ugandans don’t need the photos or social media because they’re seeing it with their own eyes. There’s nothing better than being an eyewitness to the wonders of the Lord and they have a front-row seat. Nothing is more motivating, more spirit-lifting or faith-building.

Seeing is believing. Even though she didn’t need to see to believe, it was important for Amy to be an eyewitness too, and to glory in what God has accomplished in a way that no photograph can really show and to motivate her for the ebbs and flows that come with ministry. The images now firmly in her mind will be sustaining in difficult times. Nothing comes easily in ministry and nothing comes without a lot of prayer. We have come to that realization through experience. This short mission trip has fed her spirit, because seeing is believing.

It was a good for her soul, a soul surrendered to God, a soul motivated to sharing the power of the gospel. She is being an eyewitness to nothing less than a miracle in how a bright light, God’s light, has come to this community, how hope in Jesus is being born in lives here, how women, men and children are going through a transformation that now includes a God they know will not let them down, and how a school being built on a hill that overlooks the Nile River will be a place where thousands of children over generations are going to be introduced to this same life-changing Jesus.

The journey is still in front of us and there will be mountains to climb. But God goes before us and we see light.

Seeing is believing. Praise the Lord!


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