Amy with the students.

Amy Compston with the students on a recent trip to Moyo.

MOYO, Uganda – The needs are dire in Moyo, Uganda, following trouble along the Sudan border last week and the United Christian Expeditions and Amy For Africa are there to help.

More than 19,000 were affected by looting and violence of South Sudanese thugs, according to UCE missionary Dr. Floyd Paris.

AFA is calling on its supporters for financial assistance of $2,500 to the area to purchase blankets and cooking pots.

“We want to do everything we can to help these dear people,” said Amy Compston, AFA founder. “My heart breaks for them. Even in the best of days, these people have nothing. We are trying to show them Jesus through our actions.

“First, we need to pray, pray, pray. If you are able to give financially, then please do so generously.”

Here’s how you can help:

Join our “50 for Moyo” fundraiser. If 50 supporters will pledge $50, the $2,500 total needed for blankets and cooking pots will be reached in short order. You will also be sent a signed copy of the book “Grace Runner” with our complements.

In the AFA donation area on the website, type “50 for Moyo” in the message. We also need a mailing address if you want a book.

Amy For Africa Inc. and United Christian Expeditions are both 501 3(c) organizations.

So how else can you help?

-Pray for the situation, the people and UCE as they minister in the ravaged area.

-Go to the or websites and make a donation. Any amount is appreciated.

-Participate in the Amy For Africa On a Mission 5K-10K road race in Kenova on Oct. 4 (proceeds will be sent to UCE).

Here’s some background from the UCE website ( on what happened during the latest round of trouble:

There was trouble along the border last week when a small part of a tribe, the KuKus, from South Sudan did not want to be a part of the Ugandan Census.

The Local LC-5, Jimmy Vukoni, and two others were arrested by South Sudanese Soldiers in Uganda and taken to Kajo Kegi South Sudan.  He was beaten and later released. The government of South Sudan has condemned the action.

Locals however, took matters into their own hands and began to burn houses, beat and slash locals with machetes. Several have died in the attacks many more hospitalized.  This caused a panic and many people fearing the worst fled their homes. This panic allowed more looting to take place.

The two countries have begun a joint patrol and the local police have received re-enforcements.  The situation has stabilized and people are returning.

There are current talks in Parliament to find a more permanent solution.

UCE’s presence in the area has had a calming affect on the people of Moyo, Paris said.