ASHLAND, Ky. – Imagine 30 young teenagers going without eating for 30 hours.

Impossible? Hardly.

Say hello to the youth group at Unity Baptist Church – aka The Unit – who will be doing a 30-hour famine in support of the Amy For Africa mission on Aug. 2-4.

Beginning at midnight Thursday, Aug. 2, until a 6 a.m. breakfast fit for kings on Saturday, Aug. 4, the youth are choosing to sacrifice their meals with others in mind in a fundraiser where they hope to raise $2,000 for AFA.

The youth will be asking friends and family to support the cause by supporting them in their empty-belly fundraiser.

“So many people are hurting on so many levels and they are seeking for what I call a ‘band-aid’ for help,” said youth group leader Brad Callaway. “What I love about AFA is, instead of giving it a ‘band-aid,’ they go to the source and give true hope through Jesus Christ.”

Callaway has been a supporter of AFA since it started in 2013 and is close friends with the organization’s four board members – Chris and Amy Compston and UBC church members Mark and Beth Maynard.

“They see poverty on a level most Americans just don’t understand,” Callaway said. “They see hopelessness, sickness, poor, lack of education. They see and meet the needs of those hurting with the solution and not a ‘band-aid.’ AFA’s teams are literally taking the living Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.’’

Callaway said his youth groups were introduced to the 30-hour famine idea about 11 years ago and students were “freaked out then and freaked out today” about going 30 hours without eating.

“We are so thankful to Unity’s youth group for doing this and supporting Amy For Africa,” said Amy Compston. “Three of our four kids are around those ages and we know how much they like to eat. It’s such a sacrifice. We have so many great friends at Unity and Brad and Laura (his wife) are two of the best around. We love them so much.”

Amy For Africa is also Unity Baptist Church’s mission of emphasis for the month of August.

AFA’s sixth annual wiffleball tournament will be Aug. 4 on Unity’s corner lot and The Unit has a team in the competition playing at 8 a.m. – only two hours after the 30-hour famine and an all-night lock-in at the church is finished.