Melanie Bailey-Riffe is the first cyclist on the AFA team.

Melanie Bailey-Riffe is the first cyclist on the AFA team.

By MARK MAYNARD / Amy For Africa

ASHLAND, Ky. — Amy For Africa is welcoming cyclist Melanie Bailey-Riffe to its competitive team.

Bailey-Riffe, who is from Frankfort, is as passionate about cycling as Amy Compston is about running. She came to Ashland with her husband, Doug Riffe, in 2002 and one year later started the Ashland Cycling Enthusiasts (ACE) with the help of other dedicated people.

Bailey-Riffe graduated from UK with a BS in accounting. She worked for and retired from state government in Franking as a budget director for the Natural Resources Cabinet.

As for riding for AFA, Bailey-Riffe said there was a natural attraction given the organization’s goal.

“I have chosen to ride for AFA because I believe in their mission of spreading the gospel around the world and in helping others,” she said. “God has given each of us a directive to ‘ teach all nations.’ I have not done my part and many times felt like I was not ‘good enough’ to undertake his directive.”

After following AFA’s rise the last two years with “ordinary people,” she felt the call to help through her competitive cycling.

“I truly enjoy and spend a lot of time cycling. God has blessed me in being able to ride many, many miles in a lot of different places,” she said. “I feel like I should be spending more time in His ministry. Riding for AFA gives me the opportunity in a small way to be a part of spreading the word to the ‘uttermost parts of the earth!’”

Bailey-Riffe, who is 60, says “I’m running out of time. It is time to get busy and, as AFA says, DO SOMETHING! Lets make a difference.”

The AFA running (and now cycling) team competes in local, state and national competitions. They ask for support from friends and family that will go back to the organization to spread the good news that JESUS SAVES!