Dr. Maggie will dance and run for Moyo.

Dr. Maggie will dance and run for Moyo.

ASHLAND, Ky. – When Maggie Lawentmann went to Uganda last spring, she left part of her heart there.

The family practice physician from South Shore vowed to return and help the Ma’di people she fell in love with in 2015.

Lawentmann will be one of 24 from going back to the Moyo district this coming May for Amy For Africa’s Medical Mission to Moyo. Half of the group going has experience in the medical field, including Dr. Lawentmann.

The goal is to reach – and treat – 21,000 over a six-day trip from village to village. Vaccines will also be given to 2,000 children. The total cost for the medication is estimated at $32,000.

“We know that God will provide whatever we need for this trip,” said Amy Compston, the face of the AFA mission effort.

God provides whatever and however.

Dr. Maggie, who has the same kind of passion for running as Amy and her husband Chris, will have her own kind of marathon event on Feb. 27.

She has committed to running for 12 continuous hours as a fundraiser for the organization. Every penny of what is donated will go toward purchasing life-saving medication.

AFA uses 100 percent of every donation for the mission and not toward the cost of anything else, including travel to Moyo. The 24 individuals going are responsible for paying and raising their own support.

“Dr. Maggie is so special to all of us at AFA,” Amy said. “She is so committed to whatever she does. The Ma’di people loved Dr. Maggie. Her compassion and excitement is contagious. We are honored to have her as part of our mission team again.”

Dr. Maggie’s 12-hour running event will likely take her over 60 miles and the weather conditions aren’t exactly springlike yet.

Would you commit $1 per mile or $1 per hour that Dr. Maggie completes?

You can donate at amyforafrica.com/medical-mission