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LAFORI You want to know the God of miracles?

He is at work in Uganda, in the village of Lafori, through the United Christian Expeditions where the foundation for the sixth Penne Paris Nursery School was being dug this week.

What’s the big deal you say?

Lafori is a village mixed with Muslims and Christians and the leaders there are warmly welcoming a Jesus-teaching school for their children.

Our God is the God of miracles.

The idea of the school opening has stirred those in the village with 300 students already registered. Other villages want to know how they can get a Penne Paris Nursery School.

Only 2½ years ago there were only two Penne Paris Nursery Schools but some incredible growth has transpired through much prayer and from willing partners who have given unselfishly to this ministry.

Everybody is not called to be a missionary to Africa.

Everybody is not called to take a short-term mission trip.

But everybody is called to do something. You can help us do something big for these forgotten children in the Moyo district of Uganda where UCE and AFA sponsor more than 1,000 children.

For only $45 a year – not even $1 a day – you can help us feed and educate a child for the entire year. They are taught with college-trained teachers and use the Bible as a textbook – even in the Muslim village of Lafori.

The Inman is starting to understand there’s something special about our God. The door is opening for us. Can you help us get through it?

Pray about what the Lord would have you do.

Go to for information about the ministry and on how to give.