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MOYO, UGANDA – The work of the United Christian Expeditions’ tireless team goes on daily in the Moyo district of Uganda as it strives to reach the Ma’di people for Christ.

They are doing it with a simple philosophy of showing God’s love by providing for some of the many needs in the villages of this Third World country. Even small gestures can lead to friendships that are opening doors to introduce Jesus Christ to entire villages.

Watching God’s work through the model that Jesus provided has been breathtaking and awe-inspiring, said Dr. Floyd Paris.

“We stand amazed at what the Lord does daily over here,” Paris said. “It’s not because of anything we did but because of who HE is. We praise Him for allowing us the opportunity to reach the Ma’di people in any way possible. If we can meet a need, that’s what we’ll do.”

It can come in the form of building Christian schools, providing for medical clinics or simply handing out water and medicine. Sometimes the UCE goes into places that no one else would venture but does so holding Christ’s banner high. He has been the Great Protector.

Paris, the president of UCE, invites and guides teams from churches in the United States on a regular basis for short-term mission trips that have long-term ramifications. He has formed valuable partnerships through these visits and they have forged lasting and loving relationships with the Ma’di and the U.S. missionaries.

Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee, recently sent a 10-member team that made amazing progress in villages through multiple projects. They went home tired and excited – and already planning on return visits. That’s something Dr. Paris has found happens without anyone who commits to coming on a mission adventure to Moyo.

“Once you come here and meet this beautiful people, you will fall in love with them like I did and want to help them more,” Paris said. “We want to help them and meet their needs, just like Jesus did when He walked on this earth. Meeting a need helps develop a relationship and our relationships hopefully lead to a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.”

It starts simple and ends spectacularly with many of the Ma’di now knowing the Lord Jesus Christ on a personal level.

A recent UCE example of meeting a need came when they went into a village and provided 15,000 syringes for Hepatitis B immunizations that take a course of three shots over three months. This expensive life-saving medication would not be available without the UCE administering it.

Twenty-five cases of water were given at the installation of the new Chief of Moyo town, Rendike Dennis. Dr. Paris was invited to attend and UCE provided this rare treat for those who came to the celebration.

UCE is a friend of the government throughout the Moyo district because of the way needs are being met without asking for anything in return. It not only opens doors of friendship but potentially opens the door for new relationships for the Lord.

Recently a one-time all-Muslim village, where the UCE has planted a Penne Paris, Jesus-teaching school, invited the UCE to build a Christian church because, as the Inman told Dr. Paris, “the Christians need a place to worship their God.”

The love of God is pouring out over the Moyo district, even in places you would never expect it to happen. UCE is humbled to be part of how God is making that happen.

“We serve a God of miracles,” Dr. Paris said. “Our hearts sing with joy from watching it happen before our eyes.”

UCE needs partners in prayer and finance for this mission to continue. Pray about being part of the UCE team.