ASHLAND, Ky. – Bear Jackson and Ryland Kelley, a pair of rising 9-year-old basketball stars in the Ashland school system, love to play together and love to compete.

But on Feb. 7, as they go against each other when Crabbe meets Oakview in a fourth-grade game, they have more than making hoops in mind.

Bear and Ryland want their points to count for children 7,000 miles away.

Bear’s mother is Amy Compston, the face of the Amy For Africa organization. She is making plans for her third trip to Moyo in May, this one a medical mission with 26 others, to try and reach 21,000 Ugandans who may have never seen a doctor in their lives. AFA is trying to raise $32,000 for medical supplies.

Bear (a fourth-grader at Crabbe) and Ryland (a third-grader at Oakview) want to help and they hope to use their basketball skills to do it. The young boys are asking friends and family to donate $1 for every point they score in the game on Sunday. (Full disclosure: Bear and Ryland are pretty good players, averaging between 15 and 20 per game). We’re calling it the “Make It For Moyo Challenge.”

We’ll let you know the scoring totals on the Amy For Africa Facebook page on Sunday afternoon.

Are you willing to help these 9-year-old boys get medicine to children in Uganda?

If so, make your pledge and when the point totals are official, go to to donate your pledge.