ASHLAND, Ky. – Want to take a shot at making a difference in Moyo?

It’s easy and here’s how. A donation of $4 will provide two vaccines for children in Moyo this spring. Our goal is to vaccinate 2,000 and these are vaccines that will keep these children from getting potential deadly diseases for life.

The odds are already against them: four in five children from that area die before the age of 5.

The Amy For Africa Medical Mission to Moyo has a fundraising goal of $32,000 – that’s simply what God put on our hearts. – to reach and treat 21,000 in the Moyo district of Uganda while working through United Christian Expedition. We know that’s a big total and we also know our God is so much bigger.

We know whatever He provides – it may be more or may be less than our goal – will be all we need. We also know from our own experience that giving to God has no down side. He owns it all anyway.

Twenty-seven are making plans to be part of this spring’s mission work, more than double the number who participated last year, and we’re excited about what this large mission group can accomplish during the 10-day stay.

Everybody can’t go to Moyo and we understand and appreciate that fact. But if 500 of our avid supporters can make a $4 donation, we will be able to purchase the vaccines that can mean the difference in life or death for a young child.

Can you help us today? Here’s a challenge: Skip one lunch this week and give to this fund if God so leads. If He leads you to sponsor vaccines for 10 children, then do that. If you can only give $4, then do that. If you can’t give at all, then please pray for us.

We aren’t just asking for money, we are asking for willing partners in this mission.

Go to amyforafrica.com/medical-mission to donate or mail to 816, 23rd Street, Ashland KY 41101.