ASHLAND Amy For Africa isn’t going to the dogs, but we’re happy to have one help us raise funds.

Zeke will be running with Missy Murray, who has been wearing the AFA colors for two years and is an avid supporter of the mission, in the “Dashchund Through the Snow” 5K trail run in Charleston, W.Va., on Jan. 31.

The 5K is part of the Kanawha Valley 5K Winter Series that has two more races on the schedule.

Zeke has some racing experience after taking part in the Jingle Bell Jog with Missy over the Christmas holidays. Missy has been sizing up bigger and bigger challenges as her running improves.

This 5K will be a little different since it’s a trail run.

It was Missy’s idea to try and make it a fundraiser for AFA, which is trying to raise $32,000 by the end of April for medical supplies on a medial mission to Moyo in mid-May.

“Missy has been one of our most special supporters,” said Amy Compston of AFA. “She has raised funds for us in her classroom and has run countless races wearing the AFA shirts. We love her heart and know God will honor this request to raise money with Zeke.”

We are asking anyone willing to sponsor Missy and Zeke on this cold 5K trail run to help them reach $500 in donations by race day. It’s easy to give at amyforafrica.com and you’ll be helping a great cause.

Here’s how it will work if you choose to support.

-If Missy and Zeke run under 35 minutes, then you donate $20.

-If Missy and Zeke run between 35-40 minutes, then you donate $15.

-If Missy and Zeke run over 40 minutes, then you donate $10.

“There is an award for ‘Fastest Dog” so we will definitely be putting our best foot and paw forward,” Missy said. “We have to remember that Z is just a baby, 17 weeks old. I want to push him but not to the point of injury. I have a feeling that he will be the one pushing me through. It’s so good to feel a part of AFA again.”

For only $4 we can provide two life-saving vaccinations to a child. We hope to vaccinate 2,000. We can also provide an adult or child the chance to be seen by a doctor – many for the first time in their lives – and medication for only $1 per person. Our hope is to reach the medical needs of 21,000.

No gift is too small and Missy and Zeke want their special 5K trail run to go around the world.

You can help make that happen. Click here to donate.