It will be Amy IN Africa Aug. 18-31

Amy Compston runs with a smile on her face in the Gnaw Bone Marathon. ASHLAND, Ky. – Amy Compston’s heart broke the very first time she saw photographs of children in Moyo, Uganda. That was more than two years ago. Her heart for the [...]

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Strong showing for AFA in Loonies

Some of the AFA members who attended the Loonies Midnight Marathon. Chris and Amy helping with a bib. Amy Compston on the run in Livingston, Tenn. Chris Compston looking strong at Loonies Marathon. LIVINGTSTON, Tenn. – Amy For [...]

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Compstons, AFA going Loonie in Tennessee

LIVINGSTON, Tenn. – Chris and Amy Compston of Amy For Africa will reach the midway point of a grueling marathon of marathon schedules s this summer and fall with Friday night’s Loonies Midnight Marathon. The race, on a relatively flat course considering it’s in Tennessee, is [...]

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