Blankets, cooking pots needed in Moyo

Amy Compston with the students on a recent trip to Moyo. MOYO, Uganda – The needs are dire in Moyo, Uganda, following trouble along the Sudan border last week and the United Christian Expeditions and Amy For Africa are there to help. More than [...]

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Unrest growing in Moyo area

Hundreds are fleeing Moyo to escape looters from South Sudan. Residents of Moyo are fleeing the area after armed bands of looters from South Sudan invaded the area. MOYO, UGANDA – There is much unrest in the Moyo area of Uganda after [...]

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Team AFA challenging local youth groups

ASHLAND, Ky. — Team Amy For Africa is issuing a challenge to youth church groups in the area to participate in the “Amy For Africa On a Mission” 5K on Oct. 4 in Kenova, W.Va. No preparation is necessary. If you’re a runner, then covering the [...]

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AFA blue hoodies available

  ASHLAND, Ky. -Amy For Africa supporters have a new option to stay warm and support the cause with the newly released blue hoodie sweatshirts. The hoodies are warm and high qualifty, perfect for the fall and winter months ahead. Cost is only $32 with sizes [...]

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AFA duo finishes off Erie Marathon

Chris Compston in Erie. Amy Compston in Erie. ERIE, Pa. – A marathon season of marathons continued Sunday for Amy For Africa runners Amy and Chris Compston. The husband-wife duo conquered the pancake-flat Erie Marathon on a perfect day for running. This [...]

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AFA duo takes aim at Erie Marathon

Chris Compston Amy Compston at the Gnaw Bone Marathon on May 10, 2014. ERIE, Pa. – Amy For Africa marathoner duo Amy and Chris Compston will take on the Erie Marathon on Sunday. The 41st annual Erie Marathon advertises itself as quite [...]

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AFA begins 5-day ‘Medicine for Moyo’ campaign

Amy surrounded by children in Moyo. ASHLAND, Ky. – Amy For Africa’s mission effort is having a five-day campaign fundraiser called “Medicine for Moyo” to help the small village in Northern Uganda battle a cholera outbreak. United Christian Expedition (UCE) are the only responders [...]

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