Day 14: Surfing safari and baboon aboard

By MARK MAYNARD We are spending are last days in Uganda doing a little relaxing after a physically and mentally exhausting two weeks of distributing shoes in Moyo. On Sunday we took a safari drive through Murchison National Park and witnessed some of God's marvelous work. [...]

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Day 12: Some lows and highs on leaving Moyo

By MARK MAYNARD / AFA MOYO, Uganda - On our last day in Moyo the Amy For Africa mission team visited two places that were polar opposites - the Moyo Hospital and the Moyo Babies Home. Our first stop was at the Moyo Hospital but don't [...]

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DAY 11: Spreading joy throughout Moyo

By MARK MAYNARD / AFA MOYO, Uganda - The Amy For Africa Mission to Moyo's main objective was to bring joy to the Ma'di people. Based on the receptions the team received every day and the priceless look on the faces of the sweet children, I'd [...]

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Day 10: Blessings galore on a trip of a lifetime

By MARK MAYNARD / AFA PALORINYA - The Amy For Africa mission team took another long bus ride into the bush of the Moyo district and returned home with blessings galore. More than 4,000 greeted us because the word continues to spread about what is happening [...]

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Day 9: Two trips, double the blessings

MOYO, Uganda - So the blessings keep coming on the Amy For Africa Mission to Moyo. The AFA teams split up today and got a double-dose from God. Floyd Paris, Chris and Amy Compston, Dr. Maggie Lawentmann and Rob Barber went to an all-Muslim village called [...]

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How to adopt a teacher in Moyo

Sicily and Mark at the school in Vumbula. Amy and Sicily at the fourth Penne Paris School in Vumbula. MOYO, Uganda - The lifeblood of any school is its teachers. The same is true for the Penne Paris Nursery Schools here. Our [...]

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Day 7: Day of rest and praise

By MARK MAYNARD / AFA MOYO, Uganda - Sunday was labeled our day of rest on the Amy For Africa Mission to Moyo. And it was restful and praiseworthy! We visited the church at Vumbula, which also houses the fourth Penne Paris Nursery School and were [...]

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Day 6: Babies, pit stops and oh my goodness!

By MARK MAYNARD / AFA MOYO, Uganda - Amy For Africa has become a household name in the Moyo district. The word is out. More than 6,000 showed up Saturday for the AFA/Samaritan's Feet shoe distribution and at least two-thirds of those walked away with new [...]

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