Day 8: A mission far beyond medicine

Amy Compston with a man who has not given up hope despite polio. Steff Bowling, Brent McKee, Kylie Rice and Amy Compston took Hep B blood samples from 606 on Wednesday. Steve "The Jungle Cat" Wesolowski had some fun on the [...]

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Day 7: A victorious day in Laropi

LAROPI, Uganda – Every day that the Amy For Africa team goes to work they do it with prayer, praise and promise. Oh and did I mention gusto? Our “stick team” of Brent McKee, Steff Bowling and newly added Kylie Rice set a record with 568 [...]

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DAY 6: Meeting the new LC5 and finishing the job

Amy Compston is flanked by LC5 Anyama Williams, left, and Gabriel Lazira. ITULA, Uganda – Anyama Williams, the new LC5 of the Moyo district in Uganda, marveled at what was happening in the village of Itula on Monday afternoon. He came to see for [...]

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Ugandan church serves it up for AFA team

MOYO, Uganda ­- Every day matters on a mission trip. Every day you make a difference. But every day wasn’t like Sunday for the Amy For Africa mission team that is serving in Uganda. We watched a church full of Ugandans, who truly have nothing, offer [...]

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ALIBA – We go and we serve at Amy For Africa. We never know what obstacles that will be thrown our way, including the very thought of stepping into mostly Muslim villages like the one Saturday afternoon in Alibi. There’s no fear because we know who [...]

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MOYO, Uganda ---The Amy For Africa mission team has been waiting to get started with the real heavy lifting since arriving in Uganda. We went into the day expecting great things from the team that had been assembled. Because Great Expectations should be about any mission [...]

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Day 2: AFA Medical Mission to Moyo

Amy in front of the Nile River[youtube height="HEIGHT" width="WIDTH"]PLACE_LINK_HERE[/youtube] Day 2 The tough part is over. We have arrived in Moyo, making it on the last ferry ride across the Nile River for the day. After crossing the Nile it was only about a 30-minute [...]

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