In Uganda today, there is a growing concern country-wide regarding the rising cost of education, which is gradually causing many little children from underprivileged families and higher institutions of learning to drop out of school as result of their parents’ inability to afford such education.

This, coupled with the growing income gaps, is resulting in many social problems such as early girl-child pregnancies and substance abuse for boys as young as 7 years.

Ronald Ssekamate is the construction manager for the AFA Christian Academy.

In light of what AFA Christian Academy is doing in Uganda through its sponsors, I would like to extend my great appreciation because this is not only helping children from poor  families to have access to education, but you’re also providing an opportunity for these little ones to know about Jesus Christ our Savior in a very modern and conducive environment which enhances early childhood learning.

I mean, the this classroom block (currently under construction) with 14 classrooms and a day-care place,  play ground, flushing toilets including those of PWD as well as a multi-purpose hall and an administration area is such a blessing.

All these facilities and many others to be put up in other phases such as dormitories, staff quarters, kitchen and sickbay, school parking as well as perimeter wall around the school, will greatly positively impact the poor communities around in a very deep way and I know many people will come to Jesus Christ our Savior through this as a result of these facilities.

So thank you to all the sponsors out there sacrificing everything to put a smile on the faces of many underprivileged families in a way of providing a secure future for their children, one with God and an opportunity for a good education.