ASHLAND, Ky. – God is on the move!

About a month after beginning the #BuildThatSchool campaign that allows supporters to purchase bricks for the Uganda-based AFA Christian Academy, 75 percent of the goal has been met.

As of Sept. 10, 96,271 of the 126,000 bricks needed for the first phase of the school have been purchased. Bricks are 20 cents apiece, or 5 for $1, or 500 for $100. Hundreds of donations have come in since the campaign was launched.

“We have the absolute best supporters anywhere,” said AFA co-founder Amy Compston. “They step up every time.”

Friends of AFA have given bricks as a birthday gift or in memory of a loved one. Each brick will be part of a legacy that will be forever linked to the Kingdom as boys and girls in Uganda learn about Jesus Christ through the AFA Christian Academy.

Churches, Sunday School classes and youth groups have come together to donate bricks. Many individuals have given selflessly to the project that will have an eternal impact.

“Nobody has ever been sorry for giving to God,” Compston said.

Ground will be broken on the AFA Christian Academy on Oct. 1. The first phase of the project is $561,000 and will include the classrooms and chapel. The rest of the school will be completed within five years and it includes dorms for boys and girls, a large kitchen, sick bay with nurse’s station and more.

“Our God is so big,” Compston said. “We watch in wonder as step by step He puts His plan in motion for this school. He’s unstoppable. We feel honored to be along for the ride of a lifetime.”

God has connected Compston with Christian engineers, project managers and workers for the school project.

A temporary schoolhouse recently purchased by AFA will house the first AFA Christian Academy students in the coming days.

“God is doing so much over there it’s mind blowing,” Compston said. “I just have to praise Him for all that’s happening, for all the details that seem so big to us but are nothing to Him.”