Marathoner asking for $20 to AFA to celebrate No. 20

FLATWOODS, Ky. – Gary Coovert runs not only for himself but for a purpose. He always has and always will. Coovert was one of the first runners to wear the Amy For Africa colors in road races and he celebrates running his 20th marathon on Nov. [...]

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Youth group’s 30-hour famine raises $2,888 for AFA

ASHLAND, Ky. – Imagine going 30 hours without eating. Now imagine being 13 to 18 years old and doing it. No way? Say hello to the youth group at Unity Baptist Church, affectionately known as The Unit. The Unit, led by youth director Brad Callaway, made [...]

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Five O’Clock Hitters right on time to win AFA crown

ASHLAND, Ky. – Five O’Clock Hitters blasted their way through a 40-team field with home run power to win the sixth annual Amy For Africa Wiffle Ball Tournament on Saturday. Ryan Lynch’s long bomb with one out in the bottom of the third was a walkoff [...]

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Rerun: Kona Kannon Ballers win AFA competitive tournament

Kona Kannon Ballers were triumphant again in the AFA competitive tournament. ASHLAND, Ky. – With contributions from all five on the roster, the Kona Kannon Ballers repeated Friday night as Amy For Africa competitive tournament champions, defeating Keelin's Crusaders 1-0 in an exciting extra [...]

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40-team field ready for Wiffleball extravaganza

ASHLAND, Ky. – Bigger and better. Those two words sum up the sixth annual Amy For Africa Wiffleball Tournament scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 4, on the corner lot of Unity Baptist Church (2320 29th Street). Two-time champion Kona Kannon Ballers head up a 40-team field – [...]

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Devotional book proceeds to benefit Amy For Africa

ASHLAND, Ky. – “Journey Together,” a new devotional book written by a bright young Christian man from First Baptist Church of Russell, will benefit the Amy For Africa mission. The author is Richard Queen, who offered his devotional writings last year to anyone who wanted them, [...]

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